Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hardwood floors

I won't say this was the BEST decision....

After we moved in we did realize there was hardwood floors underneath the NEW carpet. We wanted to know what they looked like and would peek at corners here and there but two weekends ago I begged Chance to help me pull it up. We only pulled up the living/dining room and the hallway. Not the bedrooms.

I'm still excited despite spending two weekends in a row pulling staples/nails out of the floor.

They DEFINITELY need to be refinished, and repaired. Let me share the horror:

For some reason just in front of the door, there was liquid nail all over the floor, they must have put tiles there or something at one time. Silly people. I'm just thankful this isn't everywhere.
Oh wait, cute Kallie! :)

Yep, rotted pieces. Not good.

Yep, there is two big cracks also.
Any recommendations for floor people? :)


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Christina Golden said...

I heard lumber liquidators is great for that kind of stuff, pretty cheap and do a good job. Ugh I am so sorry though they are messed up :(