Friday, May 27, 2011

Ugly got a little less ugly

I have some ugly curtains in my house...I'll get to replacing all of them eventually but for right now all I care about is that no one sees my business at night. But the kitchen curtain's are agonizingly (a word? Maybe...didn't give me the little red line) UGLY.

And I open them often and it always gets stuck on the little "rod connecter" or whatever. And they look ugly from the outside and in.

So we picked up some blinds today for just this window! I just got some plain white ones....I want some bamboo shades....maybe eventually. First blinds, then kitchen valance. I want some cute ones, nothing with chickens on it. My mother in law has cute bead-y ones and maybe I'll try to find something similar.

See valances from MIL's house....


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