Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mason Jar Soap

When I first saw this project, I couldn't WAIT to do just so happens that I was out of soap in my kitchen, good timing.....and I keep seeing this project more and more...probably because of it's cuteness...

First I needed a mason jar....I thought this things were all over thrift stores? Not mine, couldn't find one....I had plans today to run to another thrift store (yes I know I can go to the grocery store and buy the pack but I just needed one!) but they didn't have any either! But they were selling jams and applesauce, etc. So I bought an applesauce jar, poured it into some tupperware and rinsed out the jar and lid so I could get started.

Bath and body works was a little disappointing....I only wanted two things of foaming know their sale was 4 for $15....but they also had the old bottles (with the old dispensers!) for $2.50, so I got two of those, but of course I couldn't find a matching one so I could fill my jar all the way up when I was done. Oh least I got one of the good dispensers!

So my hubby had a little drill bit that was the perfect size, he cut it quickly for me and even helped me get the sticker off the jar while I went and sprayed the lid black. Love him! :)

Once the lid was dry I hot glued the dispenser top in there, even though it was super snug anyway....filled the jar, snipped just a little bit of the tube going into the jar (is there a better name for that or am I totally blanking...I couldn't think of anything better to say!) so it fit. Then I screwed the top back on and all done! Love cute! I still feel like it might need something but for now, it's perfect just plain and simple! :)

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