Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 100th post!

No pressure to say anything important....I can't believe it's been 100 posts, and at the same time, I've had this blog for a year and a half so compared to some, I'm way behind! :)

I thought I'd take my 100th post to share whats been making me crazy for the last 4 months....and what I plan to do about it...starting next weekend!

Oh yeah, mess, bad pictures, Christmas still up and everything...don't judge :)

This room is frustrating. It's big but it's small, very's hard to fit two rooms in here especially with the back door and the front door all in the way. Then in the living room side of it, I only have two walls, so trying to set it up is a first I had it like this

.....husband did not like it so we moved it, feels a little more cramped but I get it, at least he hangs out more now! :)

The first week we moved in I knew exactly what colors I wanted to paint the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, we even did the basement and I eventually did my craft room (though that is the only room I wish I had done a different color).....but the living room/dining room I just haven't been able to figure it out.....mostly because there's no turning back after I've done this big room, I realize it's still small but that's still going to be a lot of painting....and because of the hallway that comes I paint the hallway? I really don't want to....but it will probably look weird? Hmmm that I have not decided yet.

What I have decided is that I want to paint the living room a taupe color....and I think I found a good one....Sherwin Williams "Foothills". I have a long weekend next week so I plan to get out the roller and some ugly painting clothes and go to the living room!

Next I want to do crown molding....I want to do it soon but I may wait just a little bit. I've already priced it out but we may replace our shower head/tub faucet in our bathroom's old and leaking a teeny bit too....anyway back to crown molding... First I want to do the regular crown molding then do this technique a la Bower Power to make it look aaamazing! I just don't know if I should continue into the hallway! .....Stupid hallway

Next on my list...hmmm well I don't know what comes first, a chair so we can have more seating or a new console table for our "entryway"...I need something chunkier and with more storage to fill up the space, hating the look right now. I keep scoping out craiglist for dressers, buffets, console tables, etc. too but I did find this one at Walmart that isn't too bad!

The chair I want is from Ikea...though I can't seem to find it on their website now! Ahh, hopefully that means they aren't discontinuing.....

I want to get a big nice rug for the living room side but I just haven't found the right one for the right price yet.

Speaking of rugs, eventually we want to rip up all of the carpet up....we found that there is hardwood floors underneath but I imagine they need to be redone! I'm dying to rip it up and see but with no plan b, I don't think that's a good idea yet.

Then I need an ugly lamp for my console table....really trying to find a lamp I can redo! I was drooling over shades at target today...p.s. their decorative section is sooo awesome right now...could have bought everything in that aisle, all of the purples, teals, black....looooove.

Oh oh ...the curtains! I might do these soon....I plan on keeping the brown but leaving them open all of the time, as you can see they barely fit and there's always a crack somewhere in the I think it would look great with them all open and then I can buy the white ikea curtains, several of them and fill the space in the middle so light comes in through the day but hopefully it's enough to keep the peepers out at night! :) And you may notice that the curtains for the other window and the door are awful....not sure what to put there but I must find something better than that! Working on it!

And of course, many, many more decorations,...I need to get rid of that collage on the wall I tried to didn't work out but I was so exhausted that day and it wasn't THAT terrible, that I just never took it down....better than nothing up there....but it's gotta go.

Eventually I want to get a new dining room table, not that I can get something bigger but I was thinking of something round.

The storage bench isn't staying as the coffee table, I just disliked my coffee table so much that I moved this here I'm looking to replace that too.

Those are my immediate plans, who knows if I'll keep it in order and I do know I'll add another 20 things to this list before I feel like it's mostly done :)

Happy 100th post!

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