Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twine wrapped Baileys bottle

Like I've said, I'm looking for little decorative things to start filling up the house with...and I really wanted a twine wrapped vase but I was in the mood to do it and not in the mood to go to the store to get the materials. I had just a little bit of twine left so I went to look for a bottle I could use. I found this Baileys bottle still in the refrigerator when I tried to make Irish cream ice cream once....didn't turn out so great if you were wondering...need to figure out how to make it without alcohol! :)

So I cleaned off the label with the help of my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (a miracle worker I tell you) and it's actually a cute little bottle, it has a little celtic type knot on it.

Then I went to town smearing elmers glue all over the bottle and wrapping twin around it until I ran out. It was messy but I think it turned out cute! :) You want the glue to be all messy and thick, don't worry, it dries clear! I could have done a better job at smushing the twine together so there were no gaps, oh well!

p.s. this is my 99th post! Sure hope I can come up with something creative for my 100th!

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