Friday, January 7, 2011

Goodwill treasure

There is a goodwill down the road and I always pass it but I've never stopped in....wanting desperately to start filling up the rooms in our house and hoping to find a crafty project, I stopped in at lunch today finally. It was a little disappointing...I swear every time I see other bloggers go to the thrift stores & goodwill, I'm always envious of their gold mine thrift stores....although I didn't find a ton of awesomeness...I DID find some awesomeness that I had to share!

I did want to find a lamp to re-do, I need one for the living room....they didn't have any lamps that I thought I could redo that stuck out, I think I can find one at TJ Maxx....BUT they did have this awesome lamp! I couldn't believe what good condition it was in. They had these ugly lamps without shades for $10 and this lamp was $6.96! I thought for sure it wasn't going to work when I got home! lol....I don't know why it was priced so cheap but I love it!

Next I found this little silver cute. I think it would be perfect in the bathroom, maybe with some candles or something? Anyway, had to get it...only $2.96, and it's heavy, I could knock someone out with it! But I won't! :)

Yay goodwill treasure!

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