Friday, January 7, 2011

I made a pillow

Remember I got my sewing machine for Christmas? I went to Hancock Fabrics which happens to be very close, determined to get some fabric for my kitchen was a sad trip. The fabric I loved was $30 a, I'm not ready for that just yet....I was thinking $7.99, maybe...even hoping to catch a sale.

So I picked up some thread and then saw a few pre-cut pieces of fabric, they were 3 yards each, nothing I could use for the kitchen windows but it was so cheap, $3.99 for 3 yards, so I got 3 of them! One of them was this cute purple fabric, I wasn't sure what to do with it but the next day I decided to make a pillow! And use some white fabric for the back. I also had a bag left of stuffing....I had made some dog beds once upon a time....I'm planning to make new ones soon!

So I just cut an 18x18 square of both fabrics, turned the right side facing each other and sewed around 3 of the edges, leaving one side mostly open to stuff. Stuffed the pillow, then this is where I got all "beginner sewer" (which I am, I won't deny)....and instead of making it look complete I just ran it through and sewed the one side shut, soooo the bottom looks kind of goofy....Oh well!

I made two fabric flowers, one using the white fabric, one using the purple (just turned inside out).

So this pillow cost me $3.99 and I still have a LOT of fabric left! woo!

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