Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I was a little under the weather but still, had a wonderful time with my husband & our families!!

Christmas eve we did our usual and went to Chance's moms for dinner and my dad came. It was a good night.

Christmas morning Chance & I exchanged presents at our house and it snowed a little, enough to make it look nice on Christmas morning but was more of a dusting and quickly stopped and melted. We drove back to his moms for breakfast and then had dinner at my dads. So grateful to be able to spend some time with family! And today is our "dating anniversary", 7 years! 7 wonderful years :) And we're hoping it's going to snow!

But now I want to share all the goodies!

My hubby got me this great decorating book that I can't seem to set down. I've been desperately trying to figure out what color and how to set up my living room and so I'm trying to get as many ideas as I can! Love this book!

He also got me this awesome printer, I needed one so bad. I have a great one but it eats ink like crazy. I've already used this printer a few times last night and today and my ink levels haven't changed, woo! And it's wireless, yesss! Can't wait to do fun projects! It's an HP Photosmart Premium C310a

He also got me this super cute Kathy purse, love it! and a few other things too....he's a good hubby!

My mother in law got me two Scentsy warmers and some scents! Yaaay! I got Lisbon & Cyprus. And got several scents but my fav is Mochadoodle!

My dad got me this super great sewing machine since my cheaptastic one died after one bobbin run through! It does a ton of stitches and even has lettering and it has pink on the front of it too....can't wait to sew some kitchen curtains!! It's a Brother SQ-9000

My brother got me this great storage bench I've been wanting! Yay!

oh and he also got me Apples to Apples, woo hoo!
I'm very excited about everything I got, woo I also got a bunch of girly things from my sister & SIL ... :)

Now bring on the snow!

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