Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not my best judgement...

Finally sending out my Christmas Cards tomorrow after a couple weeks of debating on whether to reorder new ones. So to everyone reading my blog who knows they'll get a card, sorry...spoiler alert!! :)

Every year we do Christmas cards...for the last two years I've been doing photo cards and I'm always in such a hurry to take the picture once the tree is up so I can play around with what I want and then order them, then address them and get them out before Christmas....why am I in such a hurry? I always have enough time. My impatient husband who never wants to take the photograph and thinks 3 takes should be enough doesn't him to pieces but why isn't it realistic to ask for an hour?! ;) haha...I get that it's not fun but when I hurry and don't think....we end up with Christmas cards like this.....

Oh the's too dark....of course I had to get our new house in there somewhere because we it's our first Christmas in it! But look how awful the blue sky looks, I could have worried more about the pictures and less about what the neighbors thought I was doing....the dogs look a little blurry but honestly, I think their picture is the best...and that's sad. :(

Next year I promise to plan, not rush, and I think I may take the picture outside to make sure it's for sure bright enough. I'll include the tree in a separate picture of it's own. And just year is sure to be the best picture yet....*crossing fingers*

Though the christmas card itself, excluding pictures is quite cute don't you think?

Here's past disasters.....2009 was blurry but it was the cutest photo we took so we settled...

2008 was an awful one of me but we settled because both of the dogs were looking forward

Here's to hoping I get better at this! :)

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Kara said...

I always think your cards look nice! And you have such a nice camera too! Do you ever edit your pics, or like adjust the brightness on those dark ones? My camera stinks but I have gotten really good at editing at least! Now all I need is a sharp, fast camera- like yours! :)

Have a great Christmas in your new home!