Sunday, December 5, 2010

Painted Laundry Room

We recently got a new washer & dryer set (but you heard about that here). I don't have the best laundry room, it's small and unfortunately the water heater isn't tucked away in some closet somewhere, it's right there in the laundry room so I've got to work with what I've got and that's what I've been doing. Though, I'm fortunate to have a room at all. This entire house was painted in this very light tan/yellow color and so was the laundry room. I had left over small cans that I bought and never used to touch up the paint that I used in my old kitchen and living room at our townhouse. So I thought it would be a perfect (and completely free) way to take another step on working on the laundry room. So about 3:30 yesterday I just decided that it was the day I was going to paint! I decided to use the lighter color I had for the stripes, and to leave the existing color on the wall as the opposite stripe. Then the back wall is cinder blocks and I thought I would use the darker tan to paint that wall. Who knew that already painted cinder blocks would be such a pain to paint??

We also have this built in shelf which I love, it's behind the door, and it was also the color of the wall, everything in this house is this color, yuck. So I decided to paint it white.

It's still a work in progress, you might think it looks good but here's the stuff you don't see (warning: ugliness ahead)..

Neeeeeed a new mop sink, whatttt an eye sore now!!

Already working on replacing the ceiling tiles.....see.....

Now the ones we haven't replaced.....shudder....maybe water damage once upon a time..

I also wanted to share a funny story....see this unpainted piece of wall.....there was a pipe there....I painted around it. My husband came in and started laughing quite hard at me and couldn't figure out why I would paint around this pipe. I was confused. Apparently the pipe wasn't attached to anything like I thought it was, it was just resting in between the wall and the sink. I felt like an idiot, painted it and then started to wonder why, if he knew that, didn't he throw the stupid thing away?! :)

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