Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ikea Chandelier- love

I bought this pretty thing two weeks after we moved in, it was crazy I had wanted it but they didn't have it and I went up there as soon as they had them available at 4:30...on the beltway (should have known better) was a big ordeal. But husband just finally put it up today...there was no begging or pleading just a big please put my light up!! And right timing I guess! :)

I love it! I hated the little dome thing that was there before and is installed in every room in our house...they're also very dim. See....

So not only does the chandelier look great, I can see so much better. But there will be no sneakily turning on the light while Chance is sleeping in the morning because it's so dim it won't wake him. But that's okay, we'll figure it out! :)

Oh, I also found homes for my goodwill treasures from a few weeks ago...

This chandelier is around $40, awesome deal! Love it.
Meh, I reeeeeally need some new curtains, they look like giant brown potato sacks, but you really can't see anything.

Wondering what happened to our awesome bedspread from this picture?.....

Cat threw up on it when we left all day...nice...I've washed it like 6 or 7 times and it won't come

p.s. how cute are my puppies?

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