Sunday, January 16, 2011

Painted Living Room - Yeeey!

Finally, that's all I can say! I've been dying to do this since we moved in and FINALLY I've started. It's not a huge difference but I do love it! I wanted a brown gray and sometimes it looks like that and then sometimes it looks really tan, but either way it really does look great and it feels so much better. Though I gotta say it doesn't look as good in the pictures as it feels (sad face)! Instead of using SW Foothills, we decided on Martha's Natural Twine....she has great paint...we bought two gallons thinking this big room needed it and we only ended up using one! Ahh now we are stuck with a second gallon, but that's okay, I may end up painting the hallway....more on that in a minute!

I bought a cheapo bookshelf from target until I get a better one. And some new accessories from target & home goods. Oh and some extra curtains from ikea. The brown ones baaaarely fit all the way across so it was a pain to open and shut them every night. Now I think I'll just get two little pull backs so I can pull back just the tan ones.

Here's before the paint:

Here's after:

Now I didn't paint the hallway coming out into the it matches the color well so I figured why do it but sometimes when we look at it, both colors look the same. See....

No flash:
I mean you can't even tell I painted in the picture with no flash!! :) But I promise it looks good.

Here's the accessories I bought:

Lamp $23 from home goods...still contemplating on painting the base white....

Two candle holders on clearance from target! One was $5, one was $4 (Oh and the picture frame from home goods for 5.99 too)

A big old jug from home goods...$9....yesss

And this awesomeness to hang on the wall $19....

which I felt like needed a little touching up (at 9am in my pajamas in the cold, snowy backyard)...

I'm excited and definitely enjoying the start of my "new" living room....still lots left to console table, rug, chairs, blinds for the back door, etc. etc. etc ......but we'll get there! :)

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