Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some things we've been doing!

I just can't get into posting anymore!! But lately I've been looking at my blog for random things (to see when things were blooming, when we planted, etc. last year) so I figure this blog has been useful and I need to start posting again!

Here are some projects I (we) have been doing in the last few months:

We FINALLY did our front and back doors (still need to do the basement though)
Here's the old ugly door laying on the front yard:

And here's the nice new pretty door that I just loooooooooove! :)
Old ugly back door, and unfortunately I don't have a new picture, but it's basically the same door, just newer! Looks MUCH better, and we got a screen door so it's been nice to have the door open on a nice day.

I finally painted the hallway the same color as the living room! It's so much better
So of course the hallway needed accessories:
I keep adding to this now has a cute little 'P' on the upper right
Love this table. I saw it at TJ Maxx on a Saturday and couldn't stop thinking about how much I liked it. I went back Sunday and thank goodness they still had it!

We finally did our floors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me stupid happy. We decided not to refinish them now. It was cheaper to do laminate and more scratch resistant! Love it, LOOOOOOOVE it! It hasn't felt very cozy with those nasty old floors, it's so great now!

I got new knobs for my front closet door. Hobby lobby 2 for $5! They're so cute!

I got this amazing dresser from Craigslist for $50....such a good deal!!!!!!!! It makes me all sorts of happy! Here's what we did with it!
Picture from craigslist:

The same day I picked up this dresser, I also got a $10 bookcase which was a steal and I love the cabinet at the bottom! Those handles are amazing!

I also got this light for $10 at a thrift store and painted it! I love it but it broke a little so unless we can weld it, I'm not going to be able to hang it! But it was so cheap and I'm sure I can find another like it! :)

Here's a few random things I've done or picked up:

This little...cup? I don't know what it's for but it was in the dollar section at Michaels a few months ago. It now houses my little remote for the stereo in the kitchen! Perfect!
Did some chocolate covered strawberries for a UF game! My hand is a little shaky so they're messy but you get the point, cuteness!
I painted my craft room AGAIN! This is 3 times and I'm still unsure about it. Since this picture hubby got me the big expedit bookcase and I've filled it with cute baskets and other randomness, can't believe I don't have a picture....
I decided to repaint this coffee table for the 5th time. Yes, even after my big old blog post about painting it white. It's back to black (for the 3rd time). I need to stop repainting things! I'm still in search of a new coffee table

Here it is during it's small stint as a white table:
I got this rug for $20 at kmart!'s nothing special but for now it works perfect and the animals are in love! They don't like sliding around on the floors
I got a brand new, sticker still on, Anthropologie mug for 99 cents at a thrift store! woo

Here's a few projects I did by finding a few ideas on Pinterest:

Outdoor candle easy, so cute
4x4 tile coasters...CHEAP, these only cost me 86 cents. I got the tiles at the restore and had everything else on hand.

Cinammon roll much deliciousness

Looking back! These rooms are coming along!
Ignore messy pink blanket and dog bed and throw blankets everywhere :)

Dining room:

So we've been busy! I'm sure there's a million things I haven't taken pictures of! I've been collecting decorating/gardening, etc. books for my book shelves, big, hard cover, pretty book! I always take the paper cover off. Chance got rid of his bright green car! Sad to see it go a little but it was such an eye sore outside of the house, and his new car is great so it's a relief! My dad got us a fire pit and a smoker, so in a few weeks we are going to redo the backyard and get ready for some cookouts! We spent all today cleaning up the yard for the spring. It's been beautiful out! I'm starting a new position next week, so excited about it! Lots of good things going on!

Let's hope I'll be back soon telling you about the backyard or other fun things!


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