Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh my goodness, it's been busy!

I try to keep up with this thing, but it's hard doing two blogs...and I've barely kept up with the other blog! Chance's dad came last tuesday, then my sister and chrissie came on friday and left sunday! And I'm trying to get last minute stuff done for the wedding and work has been nuts!

My to do list is sooooo small.....I've worked a lot on things the last two nights...painting frames, working on favors....did my set up pictures for the tables.
If you want to see recent stuff that I've done....you can visit www.weddingbycolor.com/futuremrspearce09

I have my meeting with the hilton on friday to give them all my things, go over every last detail and make the final payment. My dad is going with me, then later in the day I'm going to Kara's for my bachelorette party....SO EXCITED!!! Can't wait :)

And for the 4th of july we are going to Annapolis....it's really nice, you park at the stadium and they shuttle you over. And it's all right by the water and they have cute little shops and food everywhere. I wanted Chance to go with me like 4 years ago when I went with my dad and mom and he wouldn't! I was so upset with him and so he tried to go to lakefront that year and didn't even make it and now I think he owe's me a 4th of July in Annapolis! I wish Sandy Point Park did fireworks, there's something about being at the beach and watching fireworks.....two years ago we went to Siesta Key in florida, and it was just perfect! :)

So we can officially say we are getting married NEXT WEEKEND!!! Omg that makes me so excited....my main things to do at this point are shop for a couple small things and then finish my favors....otherwise it's just enjoy :)

Our rehearsal dinner is the night before the wedding at his mom's house....parents, siblings, and bridal party only.....I can't wait! It's going to be so relaxed and fun and everyone can get to know each other because right now most of them don't know each other. And we are probably getting macaroni grill to cater, so yummmmmmmmm

After we get back from the honeymoon, I took the next three days off, so I go back to work on the 23rd and after that I have 7 working days until I start my new position....yikes! It'll be fun, I'm excited but I'm nervous....I have a whole lot to do before I go out (which is just a little over a week left!) and then when I come back.....So that means I only have 13 working days until the clinic closes and I go to my new position....AHHH! Ohh well it'll be fine, it has to be!

My work bridal shower is tomorrow, I'm excited :) My boss asked to get me lunch for it yesterday and I just told him to get a ham sandwich from the deli down the street....it's so yum and I didn't want him spending a lot on my lunch!!

Everything is good...I can't wait to be a wife! So exciting! I'm really excited to wear my wedding band and call him my husband! :) You can bet I'll be saying husband every chance I get

We'll be arriving in bermuda two weeks from today!!!!! We leave sunday but don't get to Bermuda until Tuesday afternoon, I can't WAIT! We'll be doing some shopping, horse back riding, helmet diving, and just relaxing on the beach!

well that's my catch up update! I'll be sure to do another one soon, maybe after the wedding though!

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