Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Really super long update

Ah okay now that the wedding is over I'm hoping I'll have more time to do things, so far not happening but we just got back two days ago. I want to post my professional pics on the other blog and then be done so I can just use this one. We should have professional pics by this weekend maybe.

So update since last time....we didn't end up doing much for the 4th, really just didn't have the energy, so we went to his moms and had some hotdogs then went home. next year we will do something. My work bridal shower was great, they really did a good job. Then I had my bachelorette party, it was sooo fun I had such a great, great time. The weather was perfect, food was good and good friends and family! :) I even danced a little! We had a great time

Day before the wedding:
I went out to get my nails done with a couple of the girls, Katie, Kara and Christina! We had a great time and I got my first ever pedicure and I can promise you it won't be my last :) It was just fun to be out getting nails done and relaxing! So I appreciate them taking me, so much!

Wedding rehearsal:
Rehearsal went smooth and quick and it got me really excited for the wedding because it finally felt like omg this is happening tomorrow! Everyone did good and listened! Then we went back to his moms house and had some food. We got macaroni grill catered and she made some desserts and appetizers. Everything was sooo yummy and I'm so glad that we did it this way, everything was perfect. Everyone got to talk and get to know each other, it wasn't stuffy and we didn't have to rush to leave. It was so nice out so we were all outside, it was just great. I stayed up until about 12:30 talking to my SIL! And slept really good, I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep

Wedding day:
I woke up early per usual and got on the computer and just sat around, watched a little grease and had a poptart with his mom! Ran a few errands and then came back to take a shower and then his stepdad made me some toast and eggs, and it was so yummy! Then we went to the salon at 1:30. Amanda, Robin, Chelsey and Christina all went with me and we had a great time getting all prettified (haha new word)
Then from the salon we went to the hilton where there was a couple of issues....the room we were supposed to get ready in they gave to someone else! Ugh so in a time crunch because chance was on his way to the hilton they gave us the bride and groom suite which was big enough but I was sad to see all the rose petals and everything on the bed which was meant for me and my husband to see later that night! Oh well....so we got ready and sat around and took a few pictures and it was again, really nice to sit around with everyone and relax :) I kept peeking out into the atrium to see all the guests arrive! When we went down I was nervous but excited, I really just wanted to see chance. It felt good once I saw him, so good infact that my dad had to tug back on me because I was walking down the aisle so fast. Haha the ceremony was really short because we decided not to do any singing or readings. So in just a couple minutes we were married! Yay! I didn't mess up on my vows, except I got distracted once by the ring bearer because she was rolling around on the floor and I forgot what I was supposed to say, haha....the little girls Arizona and Lauren were just adorable, I had more fun sitting there and watching them than anything else, lol. They were so well behaved. After the ceremony I just started to cry and cry, I kept it in during the ceremony but I just couldn't stop crying it was awful really....then we got pictures and went outside and took more, we went the wrong way so we had to walk kinda far I felt bad....then a massive daddy long leg got on my dress and I freaked out and then it came back like 10 minutes later! It was terrible. The reception room looked great and I'm glad everything turned out...unfortunately the hilton messed up a few things but whatever it's done. The food was super good and music was great. It went by really fast and people were leaving early which wasn't too fun because the party kind of died down an hour before it was supposed to. I had some wardrobe malfunctions, my hair kept falling down and i couldn't dance in my dress and my bustle fell out once. I was just really exhausted and as much as I loved the day I was ready to go to sleep. So we packed everything up and went upstairs...chance had to get some stuff out of the other room so he left and did that and I had to go to the bathroom so I had to unzip my dress....well I didn't want to change out of it just yet but I couldn't get it zipped up by myself and chance was still gone and then there was a knock on the door and so I had to hold my dress up in the front and back against the wall because I didn't want to give the hilton guy a show! haha he was delivering a fruit and cheese platter and champagne for us which was so nice and so yummy. Then we sat and opened all of our cards and everything which was nice. Winner of the night: my cousin, her card was super awesome...it had lights and music. Then we went to sleep!

Day after the wedding:
Ugh....that's all I can say about this day. We got up early and packed everything up and wanted to get home since we were going to leave around 1:30 for the cruise. Well we packed up all of our stuff and went out to our cars and a few people had said something that they were terrible so we were expecting it. What we were not expecting is for people to draw nasty, inappropriate stuff on our cars....all the fun, cute stuff...fine but all the nastiness was so unnecessary and unappreciated, we were angry. So we had to clean some of it off before we could drive home. So we finally left and got home and we were able to sit for awhile. Then we realized we needed to be on the boat at 2 so we needed to leave earlier than we thought and we weren't totally done packing and the dogs weren't ready to go.....so we were rushing around and then tonka started acting funny and I kept saying something was wrong with him and I was trying to get him to go outside or take a treat and he wouldn't and he wouldn't follow me and so I was trying to tell chance and then all of a sudden he started vomiting everywhere and was trying to walk but he was wobbling everywhere and then he just collapsed! Chance started screaming tonka no tonka no! and I was freaking out and then I ran to get the vet number but obviously they were closed but I knew they would have an emergency line. I was shaking so hard I couldn't call the number and with my nails it was hard and then once I finally did I could barely hear over all the noise what the emergency number was. All this is happening like 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave and we weren't done packing yet. Chance was on the ground with the dog crying and he was just panting slowly with his tongue hanging out of his mouth (small repeat of when our cat had heart failure a died 3 years ago so of course we were freaked out even more). I just didn't know what to do, thank GOD everyone was there....his dad, jason, my dad, his mom and his sister....even the neighbor (our photographer) came over....it was nuts! Somehow I finished packing..chance didn't move from the floor and then finally we had to leave and as we were on our way to the cruise, his mom and sister were taking tonka to the emergency vet on rt 40....we were trying to find a closer one but there wasn't any. As we were getting on the cruise and getting settled they were calling us with updates and his heart was good and temp was good and then they were able to take him back home at 4 and he was okay. The vet thinks maybe he ate a bug and had some allergic reaction? We aren't even sure but he's okay and that's all that matters :) Just hope that NEVER happens again

Our honeymoon:
Cruise was great, our room was great we were very excited about the ship...food was sooooooooooooooo good and it was there all.the.time.....I got sea sick on monday morning and didn't feel too good most of the day, luckily the bed was comfy and we packed some medicine. Bermuda was beautful and so much fun. I wish we had got one more full day in because there was a couple things I wanted to do. We went to front street in hamilton the first night but most of the shops were closing but we were able to get into a few a get a few things. On wednesday we went to the perfumery, the unfinished church, walked around for a little while and went to st davids lighthouse in the afternoon...I wish we had done more this day because it took a long time to get to st davids because less buses run up there. On thursday it was my favorite day....we had to leave early on friday because the ship had some technical difficulties so we needed to finish our shopping early thursday. then we went helmet diving near ft. st catherine's....it was so much fun, we loved it. Then we swam a little bit and then came back to get lunch and then went out to turtle beach/clearwater beach for about 2 hours. I wish it was longer, I could have floated in the water all day, it was perfect and so pretty. We had a wonderful time....then we went back took showers and ate dinner then went out to do some more shopping and went to the park to find the moongate and it was such a pretty little park tucked in the middle of st. george's, it was perfect but it was closing at 7:30 so we went closer to the ship and just watched some people play soccer.....everyone there was so so so friendly and helpful, we really enjoyed ourselves and I would looooove to go back again. On friday morning we got hot stone massages, ahhhh so nice..neither one of us has had a massage before so it was nice, they were 50 minutes! So great...we went to the casino a couple times, watched a few shows, the comedy was our favorite. We had a great weather and everything was just so nice. We brought back some art work that we got signed by the artist, she was so nice and then a couple other nice souvenirs...we were lucky to get some perfume from the perfumery where they make it in this 300 year old house, so awesome. It was a great honeymoon and we were so happy. And it was super fun to keep using the word husband :)

Now we are back and I don't go back to work until thursday and he went back today. I finally got the living room clean yesterday but there is still a lot to get straight around here. Trixie is in heat so both dogs are all spunky and I'll sure be glad when this is over, ahhh...we've got to get her fixed.

Okay that's enough of an update for now :)

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pebblesbuddy said...

Amy your wedding turned out gorgeous. You know there are some things that never turn out perfect. With me I broke a nail and had my Steve Madden shoes stolen, but oh well you remember all the fun stuff like seeing your future husband waiting at the altar for you. Congrats again and thanks for looking at my blog baby names! I love the name Abby hehehe