Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some new stuff we got :)

I'm so excited! I've been wanting a rachel ray garbage bowl for an insanely long time and why I haven't just bought it...I have no idea! It's like $15....but I finally went to get it but they were out so I had to order it and it came in on thursday night! Woo hoo :) Now I need to cook something to use it....since I've been back I haven't been in the cooking mood yet!

Also, the night we came back we got a new tv and entertainment stand. I had wanted a new tv in the bedroom because it's super old and small and so we just moved our 32" from the living room up there and bought a new 37" flat screen! We didn't mount it to the wall yet, we'll wait until we move for that but it was a steal I thought at $499! We got it from best buy....and I got those baskets for the entertainment stand, they work perfect! Like they were supposed to be there or something :) Anyway I just thought I'd share!

p.s. I just figured out how to use the pictures here, haha I don't know why I wasn't thinking before, you just cut and paste the link it gives you! Last post I used photo bucket and had to resize and yada yada and it took forever, not fun.

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