Sunday, October 4, 2009

some fall decorations & projects I'm working on....

I put up the little bit of fall decorations I have yesterday, I don't have that much, maybe need to make a stop at michaels :)

Okay this isn't fall but I had to move my stuff around to make room for fall decorations and I think I may just keep this stuff over here

And I bought two tables from a yard sale once for $20 when we moved here and I just quickly painted the one to use as a night stand but now I want to redo it. I bought heirloom white paint to paint it but I also bought tile that I plan to cut out the center then nail plywood underneath to cover the big hole and then tile it. I got one middle piece of tile and then I'm going to break the other to large pieces I's a work in progress because I need Chance's help and he didn't have the tool he needed, now he hopefully we can get working on it soon :)

Here is the table before when I painted it black:

I bought these from ross for a few bucks each and painted them, I want to hang them asap but I'm having a hard time finding something to hang them that isn't all involved and heavy duty so I may wait, they are heavy!


After....sorry not such a great picture, and the flash made them look shiny! And the picture itself is dark

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