Sunday, October 18, 2009

$7 Craft Shelf Project

Okay in my previous posts I've said how I've been exhausted since the wedding and I MEANT IT! I have literally wanted to do nothing, I guess planning a wedding just took a whole lot more out of me than I thought....but I'm slowly getting back in to wanting to do projects and finish things I've put off for way way too long...I just can't believe it's already been three months!

(p.s. hubby lost his ring almost a week and half ago. I was so upset, I cried and was just so upset....I know it's materialistic but I just couldn't stand the thought of a new ring always being the "Second ring" and never the original....well he found it yesterday...THANK GODDDDD! Oh it was such a relief! Though he found it under the basket he puts his remotes and stuff in....what?! Who knows, but at least it was found!!

ANYWAY back to I saw this post a while back:
and I was so excited about it because I've wanted one of these things sooooo bad, but they are like $100+ dollars!!! So when I saw that someone else could find a perfect shelf and do it cheaply I knew I could too....I just hadn't felt like looking.....well I went to the new goodwill store in columbia that just opened and walla! It was like it was waiting for me! And it was only $6!!! There was one twice as long for $8 and now thinking back, I should have got it, I've already filled this one up fast.


I had some painters touch heirloom white paint that I got for my table project (still on hold, need to find the right tool apparently) and I bought a rod for $1 from michaels. I got 3/8"...I used ribbon in the store to test what would fit around it. Chance drilled holes for me in the side and cut the rod. Then I painted 4-5 coats of paint and it's all done!! I love it, it already came with little holes to hang, I haven't hung it yet but I will :)

$7 project= woo hoo!

1st coat of paint

Up against the wall (not the one I'm hanging it on) Sorry for the crookedness, I couldn't hold it up AND take a picture, so he did it for me

I just love it!

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