Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Buyers Market"?...Yea Right!

I'm trying not to get discouraged, I've kept an attitude that it's okay if a few houses don't work out because no matter what we are going to end up in a house eventually and of course we're going to pick a house that we really like! Yesterday was a pretty good day of house hunting, we found two really good ones. The first one we were at needed a little work so we need that renovation loan like we would have needed for that townhouse I talked about in the previous post. Which by the way we did not end up getting, we couldn't figure out whether we can park Chance's work van there which I think is going to be the case with every townhouse because of HOA. So we are trying to only look at single family homes now. And we couldn't get the contact info to find out the interest rate on the renovation loan, which now we have and it's around 5.5 so that's not bad. But by the time we found some info out, it had 4 offers and it wasn't worth the rush.

Anyway back to yesterday....the first house needs the renovation loan but overall it's pretty good! It only has two bathrooms which I'm not too excited about, both need work. Kitchen is small and definitely needs work. It has hardwood floors though and a really cute and big backyard, already fenced in. Nice driveway, looks cute on the outside, it's brick and stone. The closets are super small though and right now we have huge closets and they're still not big enough so that would be a change. But overall we thought this would be the one.

......Until we got to the next one. We loved loved this one that we were already deciding which rooms we would use for our babies rooms, lol. This was the best house we had seen so far, we loved it so much. We walked in and it's all hardwood, pretty decent sized living room, larger dining room than the last house. Kitchen still really tiny and needs work but okay I can live with that. Two decent sized rooms on the main level with a full bath that definitely needs some updating. Basement had a huge big room with another kitchen that we would have taken out. Another two rooms, one could have been my crafty room and a storage room for chance! Then another full bath but this one was brand new. Then we went in the backyard and they built this super cute little shed and/or playhouse, it had like a little porch on it and a second level in it, so cute! It had a little patio perfect for a grill and stuff, big backyard. Then we realized we hadn't even seen the upstairs! So we went upstairs and they had split the upstairs into two large master bedrooms. And then there was another full bath up there! So in all there was 6 bedrooms in this place! But I really would only consider it 4, I wouldn't use the basement ones as bedrooms really. We were so excited about it and then two hours later found out that the 7 days it had been on the market, there were 15 offers! Boo......We will probably try to go back to the other house, but it just doesn't seem as nice anymore......


C Golden said...

Why not still put in an offer? It's always worth it to try :) Jim and I went higher than we wanted and it ends up working out in the end :)

Kara said...

Yea wow you just reminded me how frustrating it can be trying to find a house and then trying to decide which is the right one! But yea, i agree you could still try and put an offer down anyway! Good luck! And you should get some pictures of these!