Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House Hunting

We've been house hunting two weekends in a row now and we've found a couple okay ones! Most of them have been a little rough though :) We found a foreclosure this weekend that's pretty great! It's in Gaithersburg... It really doesn't need (note: NEED) a whole lot done but there is some thing we would definitely want to do. Though overall it's already pretty great! It has some water damage in the basement though because the back door has a leak so that's a right now we are waiting to see if HOA will let us park his van there and if we are eligible to buy it because of the water damage....we'll the meantime we are still looking just in case! Either way, whether it's this house or another house, I can't waaaait to buy a houuuuse. I want to decorate soooo bad!


C Golden said...

HOORAY! I loved house hunting and we can be neighbors! Where in Gaithersburg?

Chance & Amy Pearce said...

It's near 355...we're not sure what's going to happen though, we're still waiting to hear about the van and what the interest rate on fixing the problems in the basement will be....we'll see!

Jess said...

Good luck with that Amy! I hope you can get a house soon! :)