Thursday, August 13, 2009


Not too much going on! The new job is going great. It's been a lot of fun, I'm going to baltimore two days a week...I wish I had some pictures of the inside of the brewery, it's really neat inside.

Chance is sick right now! Ahh no fun, I never get sick thank goodness but he's always always sick! I haven't smooched him since monday! hahaha he refuses because he doesn't want me to get sick, and with just starting this new job I don't want to get sick either!!

We finally got our custom mats in for our artwork we bought in bermuda! We were determined to get some sort of artwork when we were there. We were looking around at this little "mall" they had in dockyard and found a little art store. The artist runs the store and she basically takes pictures of things around bermuda, then paints the picture then runs prints off. We got one of the prints that she can only run like 5 at a time and it came with one of the less nice prints that you can run like 100 at a time. It was neat to sit there and talk with her about the pictures and so we bought them. When we got home we got frames and had to order custom double ended up being a little over $350 but we enjoy them. The nicer one is the red window....all of the houses in bermuda are a white or a pastel color, you don't usually see darker or bold colors. A man came to her and asked her to find something unique and paint it for him and that's when she found the red house and took a picture of the window and then painted it. We liked it, I'm not so sure it goes with anything but we still like it :) And the second one that was included is a picture from hamilton, she had a lot of pictures with people in them and I didn't like those so much and the one we got has someone it in but they are off to the side so it's not too bad. She told us things like the street sign in the picture was actually a no parking sign but she didn't want to paint the words....anyway it was really neat to get a little background and get some artwork like we had wanted! :) FYI I do not plan to hang these together, they obviously don't match. I have no idea where to put the red window, maybe if we make an office it would go great in there :)

I've been feeling lazy but I promise to get out thank you cards asap!!!!!!!!

We are going to the beach for the day next weekend, ohh I can't wait :)

We went to the Harford county farm fair with chance's dad and sister, here are some pictures! Chance has wanted me to go for a long time, and we finally went!

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So cuteeee love the pics!