Monday, September 7, 2009

New Job (again).....

So the new job has been going really well and I love it! But....I applied for a government job with SAMHSA first week in April, I had completely forgotten about it and I just randomly got a call from them. It's now two weeks later and I've been offered the job. I'm excited but it's come at a terrible time! My boss is about to go on maternity leave (like her due date was 2 days ago) and then I'll be leaving in a couple weeks, after I just started!! I feel terrible and I was not looking for another job, I had planned to stay and be there and everything but I couldn't turn down this good opportunity with the government! It'll be a great thing for me and Chance all around, the pay will be better, benefits are great, it will be in Montgomery county, it's just all around good for us. I do feel absolutely awful about it still but I just plan to help out any way that I can before I leave! I am excited but I wish it had come at a different time....I guess things happen for a reason though!

So I start at SAMHSA in a few weeks....I'll be working as an Admin Assistant in one of the departments, not too sure what exactly I'll be doing yet but that's okay! I've been working at Humanim since I was 18! It's exciting/scary to be starting something new!

Also, since it's in Rockville, we are seriously considering buying a home in Montgomery County (since chance works all over Montgomery county)! Which we hope to do SOON! Before it was difficult because we wanted something in between DC and Baltimore because that's where I've been working some of the time.....but it's just sooo expensive so it really limits us. I've looked on Long & Foster and there are some great houses in Gaithersburg and other places, so maybe we can find something there!


pebblesbuddy said...

Ohhh congrats on the new job that will be so much more convenient I feel for you and you are making more with better benefits! Woohoo. Also if you moved to Gaitersburg you would be near me. Let me just forewarn you do not buy in Montgomery Village in Gaithersburg if you can help, it's super ghetto and a lot of people get their stuff broken into. Germantown is right up the road it might be worth just looking in there just to look around. But really Montgomery Village is not the best area at all I would avoid at all costs! Congrats on the job and looking for a house!

Kara said...

I didn't realize you got a new job! That's great! And good luck on the house hunt! Hopefully you can find something soon!