Sunday, September 13, 2009

My pictures of the brewery

We had an event last week and I took some pictures around the room so we could use for the brochure! But I took some additional pictures so that I could remember after I leaaaave :(

In the lobby, these are original steps that they kept, they cut it off at the ceiling

This is the bottom of the grain shoot, and if you look on the floor they have glass looking down into the second floor

one of the glasses on the table with the gifts in the back, just trying to be all artsy!

this is one of the old beer tanks they cut out and made a seating area, and on the ceiling there is the bottom of a tank that they cut and put up there

This is the terrace out back, not a good picture but if you look to the left that is the city, inner harbor

this is the top of the grain shoot, if you look you can see the wood worn away from the grain

this is the board room, my favorite

this is the second floor event space

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