Friday, July 9, 2010

-20 pounds, woo hoo!

Yeeey, so today it's been 11 weeks since I've been trying to loose some weight! Ever since Chance and I started dating it's just gone downhill but I've decided to stop making excuses and stop waiting and do something about it! But my biggest motivation is that after we buy a house and get settled for a while (maybe a year) we really want to start a family and I feel like if I don't start to lose some weight now and then I get pregnant on top of that, it's going to be impossible....okay not impossible but MUCH harder than what I need to lose now.

So in January I started this migraine medicine because I've been getting migraine's since September. And one of the side effects is weight loss....well in the first three months I took it, I only lost 5 pounds so it didn't really do much. So I finally decided I would actually make an effort to do something myself! I started weight watchers which I've done before but I gained it back slowly after 2 years. I think it's because I didn't lose all of the weight I wanted....this time I must! :) On a side note, if I don't get a migraine tomorrow or Sunday I haven't had one in a month! I had a pretty bad headache the first two weeks but not enough to take the medicine....woo hoo!

So anyway, I've been eating healthy....I'm trying to get myself motivated to exercise, so far that hasn't happened yet....but I'm working on it.....but in the last 11 weeks I've lost 15 pounds, plus the 5 I lost from just that I've lost 20 pounds total! I really want to lose 28 I've at least made a huge dent.

I can start to see a difference though you would think losing 20 pounds would make you go down a couple pant sizes but it doesn't seem to have shifted that much....hmmm though I think in the next 10 pounds and 20 pounds especially I should definitely see a big difference.

Well at the rate I'm going...unless I start exercising then I hope to be at 30 pounds total by my birthday with only 18 to go but it would be super awesome if I can get more than that....the closer we get to winter the more I see it getting more difficult!

Woo hoo!

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