Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our New House - yay!

We finally snagged one! I guess third time IS a charm! :) After 4 months of looking we finally had our offer accepted.....It was exhausting trying to find something, I mean we are looking in the 250,000 and under price range in Montgomery County....single family houses only....that's really limited and doesn't get you very much. So for a starter house, and a foreclosure (built in equity, hooray), it's great!

I almost don't want to even post pictures because I plan to clean it up a lot and it's going to look much better after I'm done. But I mostly mean the outside....the inside really isn't bad! It's clean and freshly painted....the "to do" list is a lot smaller than the last two we've put offers on. It's three bedrooms, two baths....one level with a basement....though it has two big rooms in the basement, we will use one as another tv room, the other room happens to have two doorways and is already perfect to be split into two rooms, so just like the other two houses, this house will be 5 rooms when we are done, though the two can't be bedrooms unless we add closets. We'll use them as my craft room and his work room. The kitchen isn't bad at all, the cabinets just need updating. I unfortunately settled for a dining/living room combo and that's probably my least favorite thing about the house....but it'll work for us for now. Oh and we also got this for $20,000 cheaper that we offered for the last two! woo hoo. And it's already fenced in but we have plans to put a nicer fence to hide the neighbors messy yard. And it has electric base board heating...booo, but we have plans to switch it out as soon as possible....anyway...it's not perfect but it's our 1st house and we are EXCITED!

Now we are just waiting for the signed paperwork back from the bank so it can start to get a little more official! :)

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