Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dining Room Light

When we moved in to the house, we only had a little boob light over the dining room area. So of course I switched it out asap with a cheap little light I got from Lowes. I couldn't have taken my time and picked out something I loved, for some reason (per usual) I always feel the need to just jump and get something. And like most things, I eventually want to switch it out with something I like more. This light wasn't any different....I ended up hating it after awhile and wanted a new light. I didn't really want to spend the money because there's a zillion other things I want to do around this house too.

A few months ago (I'm trying to catch up on things I've done and post about them!) we went to Lowes to see if we could find shades instead of buying a whole new light. Unfortunately they only had one option, but I kind of liked them so we bought them. I think they were $7 a piece, so $21 for all three. Which is much cheaper than spending over $100 for a new light. I think this light originally cost something like $ was super cheap. I think it looks much better, I like it a lot. Though, it does contribute to the too much tan thing going on in this room. And the light is way off center. Recently I ended up moving the table to where I want it (so it's not so close to the door). The light is no where near the middle of the table. I'm thinking eventually we'll need to move it, or get a hook and hang it so it's more centered (but I don't really love that look).

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!



Sorry for the major laziness with the cell phone pics.


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