Sunday, November 25, 2012

The plan is...

I haven't done much around the house in awhile but I've WANTED to do a whole lot.

Here are the crazy ideas running through my head at the moment. I wish I knew how to make a mood board, but you'll just have to take it in this hodge podge way.

First up is the basement bathroom. I hate this bathroom. It's the most awkward, tight little bathroom and I would love to tear it out and restart. But it just doesn't seem worth the cost. The bathroom has become a storage, unusable mess. So our two bathroom house has been one bathroom for the longest time. Chance put in a new toilet a while back, that helped a little. But the tile and tub were just ugly and gross. A few weekends ago we (by we I mean I suggested the idea and my amazing husband did all the work, love that guy)...epoxy spray painted the tile/tub white. This won't be our main bathroom and we didn't want to waste the money replacing the tile and tub for a shower that will rarely be used. But the tub, as much as we scrubbed, was a mess. And the tile was this speckly blue with random floral tiles mixed in. Gross. The spray paint worked great and now I'm excited to do this bathroom. But first there are some dry wall patches to do in the ceiling and behind the toilet.

Bathroom awkwardness:

This is after we scrubbed it like crazy! Yuck.

Blue speckles and floral tile. No.

Ahhhh, it looks so pretty and clean now.

Here's the plan for this bathroom after that's done:

Paint the walls - thinking Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore (I've been looking for a good navy color after I pinned this on pinterest months ago).

We have to paint the ceiling, I'm thinking a light gray would work well.

New mirror....the little mirror that's there now might be the only storage in the bathroom, but it's ugly and it has to go. I really want to DIY a mirror with stained wood around it. Like this:

Decor. I'm thinking light green (like the curtain in the navy picture) would be a great accent color. I love the bathroom below, LOVE. I'm thinking a light like that would be awesome. We also need to add all new towel bars, toilet paper holders, shower rod (bathroom has nothing). I also wanted to spray paint some Bath letters like the picture below.

We also want to get this bathroom done because next year we want to tackle re-doing our upstairs main bath. The upstairs bathroom might appear ok but it's not. They didn't fully grout the floor tile, it's a mess. And they did a terrible job tiling the shower. The window has to be replaced in the bathroom, it's rotting and we need to figure out a way to keep it from getting that way again after we replace it. We also need an exhaust fan, the room gets way too much moisture and I worry about the drywall.

We won't change it much, I actually like it but it needs to be cleaned up!


Second up is my craft room. I have to get this room done. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I can't ever figure this room out. I've started by mostly painting the ceiling white (it was an off white/tan before). And I was in process of painting the trim before I ran out of paint.

Next thing I need is a new light, the little boob light in this room makes it really dark and that's probably why I've already painted it THREE times. The 2nd and 3rd times were at least oops cans so I didn't have to pay much! lol I know, it's crazy. 4th time will be the charm though.

Take #1 : Nope.

Take #2: Nope.

Take #3: Nopeeeee.

Here's what I was kind of thinking.


Except I want to paint the room light grey.

I want to get a desk from a thrift store and paint it coral.

I want a black and white striped (or chevron) rug.

I want to bring a big armoire that we have upstairs down and paint it to use for storage. Not sure what color yet though.

Lastly (well not lastly, but last of the room I actually know what I want to do with) I want to do the guest room. I painted it and got some things really quickly when my sister came to visit last year. I hate those curtains. Yuck. But I do love grey. :)

Here is the color scheme I want to go with:

I'm going to leave the walls the same color.

I'm going to get a new light. On a mission to replace all boob lights in this house! Except for maybe the hall ones.

I have this great dresser (I got for FREE, woo) that I'm either going to paint the yellow or teal. I'm not sure what yet.

And I need to get an actual bed in here, that or get the world's best mattress pad (because this thing is super uncomfortable). But I really want the bed so I can get a cute nightstand and bedding.

Lots to do, lots. I still want to paint the kitchen and do about 1,000 other things around this house! But hopefully I'll get started on one of these rooms soon! :)



P said...

Love the ideas! I can't wait to discuss your plans in line at West Elm this week! PS i'm painting my bathroom dark teal :)

Jess said...

I love the navy bathroom idea! I love navy walls! And I'm seeing a lot of chevron all over the place, and I'm loving that too. Good luck with all that! I'm excited to see pictures!