Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY Key Holder


I'm determined to do this blog thing! Even if you don't believe me. :)

Awhile ago I had been thinking about DIY'ing a new key holder, ours was old and not cute.

This is the best picture I can find, I was also lol'ing as I went through old pictures of my living looks much better than when we first moved in, but still a lot to do! And what an awful picture below, I still want a new shade for that lamp.

But before I could give much thought about what I wanted, my key thing broke! But luckily a trip to Hobby Lobby was already in the works. :) I only ended up spending a whopping $3 on this project, which is about what that original 'Keys' key holder cost me at walmart!

My MIL was nice enough to give me a scrap piece of wood that she had, it was perfect!

I decided to stain the wood with some stain we already had from the big dresser in the living room.

I went to Hobby Lobby and got two hooks ($3 a piece, 50% off, so $3 for both!). I wanted three but they only had two. I was so disappointed but then I realized that we only use two hooks anyway so I would just need to find something for the middle.

I wasn't sure about painting the hooks, they are heavy and cast iron but I wanted some color. I ended up just painting the tops a teal color (something I already had) and leaving the hook part unpainted (figured the paint would get scratched off by keys anyway).

I had this little decorative piece that was supposed to go behind a handle on our big dresser we got from craigslist. But it was missing the piece on the other side and it looked fine without it so I took it off and kept it. I ended up using that piece on the middle. Not too flashy, just right!

Then I had some picture hangers that I attached to the back.

I love it, like really, really love it. I love it even more because I made it and it barely cost me a thing.


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