Sunday, March 13, 2011

$12 Hairspray

I bought $12 hairspray.

I don't really know where I'm going to go with this, but I know I wanted to blog about it.

My hair has been so staticy....SO staticy....I posted on facebook and my friend Amy told me to get a boar brush (the word boar concerned me at first) and some bumble and bumble hairspray. Well....I went to Ulta last weekend, and I know they don't have bumble and bumble but I thought I'd look around at what they DO have.....though I would like to meander (yea, I think I just used that word) over to Sephora and get some of this awesome bumble and bumble stuff to try. Anyhoo....back to my adventure at leaving hubby in the car, I spent forever trying to find the perfect, yet inexpensive boar brush. I bought one that was half boar/half ...normal, and it was pink, and once I got to the register turns out it was on sale too. Woo.....Then I stared at a million different hairsprays.....

In my life, the most expensive hairspray I've ever bought was probably ....$3.99? I don't use hairspray that often because I don't like it....well turns out there's a reason I don't like it....the stuff I've been buying was crap!

But overwhelmed with the amount of hairsprays and concerned to go from a $3.99 bottle to a $25 bottle, I settled on a rando bottle of Iso Daily Finish Hair Spray for $12.
My hair was fluffy!!! :)

This hairspray has been life changing! lol.....maybe it's because I grew up with just my dad and my brother and even though I think I'm girly, there are things I.just.don't.get.

I love this hairspray but it brings up so many questions.....why have I been wasting my money on cheapo products? What other awesomeness is out there (well apparently bumble and bumble)? What other cheapo products can I switch out to awesomeness? What other girly secrets don't I know because I guarantee that most girls/women know this kind of awesomeness....

Anyway, put me in the mood to go shopping....for something cute....something else I don't worry about too much but I NEED TO!

I heart my new dress, I want to wear it everydayyy

Other new outfit!

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