Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mail Sorter

Like I had said in the previous post, I bought a mail sorter from goodwill for $ was a little scuffed so I quickly went over it with some white spray paint I already had. I printed incoming and outgoing with my SCAL and Cricut. I started to cut this little design and a P (for our last name) for the middle (for random stuff) but it just didn't look good.

Then I remembered Graphic's Fairy would definitely have something mail related so I searched her blog for something that I could use and found a perfect vintage postcard. I was going to print and mod podge but then I was searching everywhere HOPING I had some full page sticker paper (LOVE THAT STUFF!!) leftover from my wedding. I found ONE sheet and I already had printed on half the paper. So I worked around in paint trying to print on the "good side" and it took a couple tries but I got it!! lol and the postcard looks great on this.

Only downfall to this whole thing it's the netflix envelope doesn't fit...sad face.

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