Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sigh of relief

Springgggggggggggggg......almost...still a little chilly but my flowers have finally bloomed. I'll let them live for a couple weeks that they do live and then we're digging everything up, mulching, planting....CAN'T WAIT! See the pretty blooms that I snuck out in my pj's to take this morning.......(will get better pics when they bloom a little more and i'm not in my pj's)

And see the row of them with the random bush that we plan to rip out in the coming weeks.....what a weird placement of a bush right??

And look, the hostas that we chopped down are trying to grow back. But we are definitely digging those up, they look like death by late summer.

Can't wait to landscape...considering we have no idea what we are doing, should be interesting! Since we've only rented before now I'm really excited to plant something IN the ground as opposed to some planter. :)

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