Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrating hubby's 26th bday

We celebrated my husband's 26th birthday yesterday with his family. It was really nice! His actual birthday is on Tuesday. It was really fun to actually have some people over (besides one or two here and there)....we never did do a housewarming so this was exciting :)

Here are some pictures from yesterday.....I barely took any pictures

I made an unnecessary amount of food considering we only had 4 people over, lol

Pasta salad
chips & salsa
fruit dip
And from the Amish market I got:
That awesome fruit watermelon bowl
potato salad
broccoli salad
sour cream & chive cream cheese w/bagel chips
I also got my fav chicken salad (but that was just for me...YUM)

And his mom brought stuff too. Yeah, way too much food but there was a chance that maybe more people could have come so I wanted to make sure we had enough and you can never have too many yummy leftovers, lol

P.s. Since my husband doesn't like sweets too much, we did brownies instead of a cake so I needed a home for the candles I bought....candles + skewers + bowl of fruit = awesome

Look at my great little utensil basket I got! Party City $9.99 and my carefully picked out, not overly girly napkins & plates :)

My love!

And his super cute Mom mom loving on Trixie...


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