Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shoe Box Storage

After finishing my table Friday, I was desperate to not put all my junk back on the bottom shelf....reason why I hate that table because there is no storage. So I decided I need some sort of basket and it was too late to go get one and I'm an instant gratification type of person so I remembered seeing some posts where people were making baskets/bins out of diaper boxes. Well no diapers for me yet but I remembered I had an old shoe box of Chance's. Then I was at a stand still because all of my fabric that I have was not cute to put in my living room! But THEN I remembered I had leftovers from my Ikea curtains that I hemmed.....turns out it was the PERFECT amount to cover this box. Then I cut out a white square from some fabric I had for the inside bottom. Wrapped it with the burlap roll and finally used this little fabric flower, which happens to be the first fabric flower I made (didn't turn out like it should, reason why it's been sitting around for months, but it was perfect for this)

Not many pictures, not good pictures but here you go! Completely free, completely cute, completely useful....yay!
Snapped this right before I came down to post so you can see I left the box uncovered at the bottom

Here is a tutorial from 'My Pink Life' that will be much more helpful than my non-existent one! :)

P.s. look at my cat....she does this every I the only one this happens to? :-\

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