Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hummingbird Cupcakes

First....I've become cupcake obsessed!!

Mainly right now with Georgetown Cupcakes, it's so easy to go to the Bethesda location...and now that they are giving away a free cupcake every day (if you follow them on twitter and/or facebook you can find that info)....I've been waiting for the day that they give away the banana split cupcake so I can go there again. Otherwise I'll have to wait until August! That's the next time they serve them, boo!

So another one I wanted to try is their Hummingbird cupcakes.....banana, pineapple, cinnamon, pecans? YUM! They don't serve those until April....but that's sooooon! But by following them on twitter I found out they posted their recipe for the Hummingbird cupcakes! I tried to make them last weekend....they turned out good and were super yummy but I'm not the best baker and I bet when they make it, it's way I long for a Saturday in April so I can get a salted caramel (SO GOOD), hummingbird, and the banana split! At least if they giveaway the banana split on a sunday I can still get the hummingbird but not the salted caramel....I've got this down.

Here is the link & video for the Georgetown Cupcakes Hummingbird Cupcakes on Martha Stewart!


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