Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keeping flowers a little longer

Struggled with the title of this one. Can you tell? Really lame.....maybe I'll think of something better and when you come back again, things will be different.

I always try to get my money's worth when I buy flower arrangements, especially if it's a random assortment of flowers.....If it's a dozen roses then you're probably out of luck.

When the bouquet is on it's last limb, looking ugly and time to throw out I always pick through and see what I can find that's still good, sometimes it's not much but usually it's worth picking through the dead flowers :)

Arrangement I bought on March 13th.....

Flowers I was able to save from it 13 days later.....
I think I love the smaller one more! :)

And you remember this picture from my post about Valentine's day.....this little rose was going strong 10 days after Valentine's I put it in a tiny vase and I got a few more days of it by it's self even though the rest of the arrangement was dead.

I'm probably not the only one to do this but if you're not doing should be!


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Jess said...

Have you heard about mixing a little bit of Sprite in the flower water? Supposedly it helps the flowers stay alive longer. I know a few people that swear by it. I looked it up online, and it looks like there are some other remedies too. If you test any of them out, let me know! :)