Saturday, March 19, 2011

Throwback Recipe: BBQ Shrimp

Continuing with my search of old photos, I decided to post a throwback recipe :)

Hmm two BBQ Recipes back to back....maybe someone is in the mood for summer?

This picture is from last Memorial Day weekend.....we cut up watermelon (I am a watermelon CRAZY! I buy an unnecessary yet oh so necessary amount of watermelon in the summer), made some kabobs and did some BBQ shrimp.

I love BBQ Shrimp, it's so good, so easy.

Just put some raw peeled shrimp on a stick, brush with your favorite BBQ sauce (As I've said before, we use Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ) and grill until done! SO good....and you can go as far as to wrap with bacon...even betterrrr. But without bacon, it's actually not too unhealthy for you. You use such a minimal amount of BBQ sauce and shrimp is great for you.

See, not everything I post is totally fattening :)


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