Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reupholstered Bench

I need a place to do my makeup...BAD. My bathroom has no plug and the counter top isn't that big any way.

I've been doing my hair and make up on my pretty blue table and there are spots on the table now where I've been putting my straightener....time to retouch the top with some more

So this afternoon I decided to completely clear out the "dog room" (except for their cages) and keep the "cold room" as the storage room. I moved in an old console table which I thought would be the perfect is.

I also had this bench that I bought a while back from ross (they still have these) for $30....I really have no place for it and I had wanted to re-upholster it anyway. So this seemed like a good time to do it! I need a CUTE space to do hair and make up of course! I have plenty of this purple fabric so it worked perfect.

Here's where we started......

I removed the black backing, cut the purple fabric and started stapling away. Then I restapled the black backing.

Trixie was my little helper...... :)

Love it....very excited to do my hair & make up here tomorrow morning.

Of course this is temporary, this room will eventually be our guest room but I needed something for now! :)


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