Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BBQ Fajitas


So I found this link over at the 'Eat at Home Cooks' blog and planned to make these BBQ fajitas ASAP.

I saved the link, bought the stuff and then made it tonight without ever looking back at the's super simple, you really don't need a recipe. I didn't grill mine like she did, I bet that would have been better. But I just battled a 4+ hour meeting this afternoon and I'm surprised I even worked up enough courage to cook when I got home at 7!! Though hubby helped.

Anyhoo....I cooked 4 chicken breasts in a skillet. Sliced some onion & green pepper in another skillet. Once the chicken was cooked, I took it out of the pan, sliced it and then put it back in the pan with a little barbeque sauce on it and let it cook for a couple minutes. Then I put some chicken, green pepper, onion and some cheddar cheese in a tortilla....YUM!

I was surprised to see that she also suggested to use Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce....that's all we use, so good...but we get the honey bbq sauce.

You can make this, you will make this....because it's easy & yummmmy

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