Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodwill treasures

Went a brought a ton of stuff to goodwill yesterday and decided to stop in to see if there was anything good! And it turned out to be a good trip. You've already seen my ugly gold lamp. Sometimes I wonder if the cashier realizes that I'm going to paint the lamp or if she thinks I'm just going to use it like it is, shadeless and all.

I also got this great red candlestick, it's a little chipped but I love the bright red!! 96 cents

I got this great green glass! I love this!! $2.96

I got this little silver tray which I decided to spray white for now....$2.96

And lastly, I got this mail sorter...You have no idea how long I've wanted want of can see what I did with it in my next post! Nothing fancy but I love! $2.96

1 comment:

Amanda Seevers said...

i love the look of the serving tray, it would be great for partys